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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Post 285 - Fourth House - Swampy Crocodile

Actually there was no group called Fourth House. The vocals were by Wild Cherries / Virgil Brothers singer Danny Robinson and the backing was done by studio musicians. Danny, while visiting friend David McKay who was playing Jimmy Cliff's version of Cat Stevens "Wild World", on the spur of the moment decided to record a version also. Here to download is the B side of that single an instrumental penned by Hans Poulsen "Swampy Crocodile" (FB-035) on Fable Records, the A side was produced by David McKay so I can only guess he did this side as well but there are no production credets on the lable. Fourth House was not followed up with any other recording. Danny had retired by this time and had no interest in getting back into pop music.

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