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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Post 287 - La De Das - You And Me

To me the La De Das often made their B sides as good if not better then the A side of some singles. An example is on post # 25 the B side of "Gonna See My Baby Tonight," "Fare Thee Well" which I have always thought was far better than the A side. With the follow up single "Morning Good Morning", the B side again was a great track written and sang by Phil Key who also sang the A side. Here to download is that B side "You And Me" (EA-9845). It was produced by Red Coe for His Master's Voice Records in 1972. Phil Key and bass player Peter Roberts left in October of 1972 to form Band of Light. After the split of Band of Light in 1975, Phil Key left the music business and spent several years living quietly, raising a family and working as a cab driver in Sydney. He died from a congenital heart condition in 1984.

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