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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Post 289 - All The Way Soundtrack LP

All the Way is an Australian television series made by Crawford Productions for the Nine Network in 1988. The series was set in the 1960s - the first episode took place on 22 November 1963 - and examined life for an Australian family during the decade of JFK, the Vietnam war, civil rights activism and The Beatles linked by three sisters (played by Diana Davidson, Maggie Millar and Rowena Wallace). A young Dannii Minogue also featured prominently in the cast. All the Way started out as a six-part mini-series before being extended to an ongoing series. However, it failed to catch on with audiences and was axed after 26 episodes. Here to download is the soundtrack album from the series "All The Way" (463256 1) on CBS Records. Artists that appear on this LP are Peter Chambers, Rick Price, Graham Matters and a host of others. Thanks to Peter S for this album.

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