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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Post 290 - Pattie - Gravitation / Let The Music Start

At 15, Little Pattie left Sydney Girl's High School to concentrate on her singing career. She scored three more hit singles during 1964 and made regular television appearances on shows like Bandstand, Saturday Date and Sing, Sing, Sing. In 1966, Pattie (having dropped the 'Little') toured Vietnam to entertain Australian troops. Despite assurances of absolute safety, at the tender age of 17 she found herself being evacuated from the beach at Long Tan, and returned home a changed (and more politically mature) person. Here to download is her 1969 single for Columbia "Gravitation" b/w "Let The Music Start" (DO-8694) it was produced by David McKay. In 1972 she played a leading role in the Australian Labor Party's It's Time campaign, which saw Gough Whitlam elected as the first Labor Prime Minister in 23 years. Although Patricia Amphlett tried in recent years to forge a career as an adult singer, she fell into a common fate for child stars, the public refused to let her grow up. Thanks to Micko for help with this one.


Frank said...

And here is a Colour clip of Pattie performing it.

Thamnks for the download btw :-)

Phil said...

Hi Ozzie,
I just tried to connect to Midoztouch and found that it has disappeared (its host Bravenet is calling it an "expired website"). Do you have any idea what has happened, and where Micko etc may be hiding? It was always a great blog for Australiana.
Phil from Adelaide.


Hi Phil,
Apparently you can still get the forum via this address: The main page is down, but I'm not sure what the problem is yet.