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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Post 292 - Andy Upton - Stop In The Name Of Love / Born In A Taxi

Andy gained national recognition in the seventies through radio and TV appearances and enjoyed chart successes including a number one hit in Adelaide with his recording of "Stop In The Name of Love". The 5AD top 40 music chart certainly had some big artists competing for that No. 1 spot. In the early 60's, Andy's musical tastes were first influenced by "The Beatles" melodies and harmonies, and later by the "The Rolling Stones". Singing along to those early tracks it was evident that singing was what he wanted to do. In the mid 70's the ABC's Countdown, gave exposure to one of Andy's songs "Rainbow World" and achieved limited success. The ABC and Molly Meldrum were very supportive of Australian talent. Here to download is that #1 single "Stop In The Name Of Love" b/w "Born In A Taxi" (ZS 175) produced by Robie Porter in 1977 on Wizard Records. Andy penned the B side. These days Andy is even more passionate about recording and releasing his own songs. The new age of digital has made it possible to record and release Andy's songs over the internet at the following site:

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GruntRat said...

ahhh crap... I bought this single only today...