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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Post 293 - Captain Rock - I Do Love A Saturday Arvo / Can We Do It Again

Captain Rock recorded the original "Give Me A Home Among The Gumtrees", as well as "Steamed Vegetables" from the album "Buried Treasure" in 1975. Captain Rock wasn’t a band but the dressed up name given to novelty songwriter Bob Brown. Another one of those artists that there is not a lot of info on. This single here for you to download "I Do Love A Saturday Arvo" b/w "Can We Do It Again" (FB 341) produced by David Williams & Greg Macainsh and the B side produced by David Fleet. The record was released on Fable but has no date but going by the cat # it would have to been around 1980/81.


Jeremy Buddle said...

Gee, this song has triggered a long-dormant memory when I just played it on my itunes - thanks for sharing this! It is the same guy from "Home Among The Gumtrees", one Bob Brown - unfortunately I have been unable to unearth any new information about him yet, despite having tried to do so. "Saturday Arvo" was definitely played as a footy-related jingle on TV and or radio in 1980, during which time I was a mad-keen VFL footy fan (St Kilda Saints). He is not to be confused with eco-warrior and Greens politician Bob Brown, who appeared on the Gordon Franklin "Let The Franklin Flow" single you shared on another post here. Jeremy from Tasmania :)

Monte said...

Wow. Greg from Skyhooks