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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Post 297 - Christie Allen - Under Lock And Key

Christie Allen was born, June Allen, on the 12th of September, 1954, in the United Kingdom, before moving with her family to Perth, Western Australia. Whilst performing in a band, Pendulum, with her brothers in Perth she came to the attention of songwriter and record producer Terry Britten after virtually knocking on his door, according to an interview she gave on Sounds. Britten, a former member of The Twilights, had previously worked with Cliff Richard with whom he co-wrote "Devil Woman". Impressed by Allen's vocal ability, he began working with her and a recording contract with Mushroom Records. She released her first single "You Know That I Love You", which although it wasn’t a major hit, did attract enough airplay and positive reviews to indicate bigger things to come. Her next three singles from her debut album "Magic Rhythm" were substantial hits. The first single was a ballad "Falling In Love With Only You", which reached #20 in April, 1979. Her next two singles were strongly influenced by the disco style - "Goosebumps" reached #3 in September, 1979, and "He's My Number One" reached #4 in 1980. With sales of 60,000,"Goosebumps" would be Allen's greatest success and was one of Mushroom Record's highest selling singles at that time. In 1980 & 1981 Christie released a three more singles - "Baby Get Away", "Switchboard" and "Don't Put Out The Flame" from her second and final album Detour, produced by John Hudson. Here to download is the B side of "Falling In Love With Only You" "Under Lock And Key" (K7400) which was a non album track. A long illness prevented her from adequately promoting her career and she subsequently retired. After starting a family, the 1990s saw Christie return to music, in a low profile performing as a vocalist with country music bands. In 1998 Michael Gudinski sought her out via an appeal on national radio to perform at a televised tribute concert for the 25th anniversary of Mushroom Records, and she retired following that performance on the 14th November, 1998. In 2006, Gudinski asked Christie to participate in the Countdown Spectacular tour, however due to her ill health, she had to decline. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March 2008 and died at her home in country Western Australia on Tuesday 12 August 2008, aged 53.

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AussieRock said...

Thanks for this B-Side Ozzie - will compliment her album 'Magic Rhythm' nicely