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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Post 294 - Cassi James - Which Way You Goin' Billy / Heaven Help The Girl

Carol Richards was a copy writer for radio 3UZ, as a freelancer and in advertising, copy and jingle writing. She worked as a professional solo singer all over the place and got her break when she joined Johnny Chester and Jigsaw under the name of Cassi James. She released a record here for you to download in 1971 "Which Way You Goin' Billy" b/w "Heaven Help The Girl" (FB-041). The A side was written by Terry Jacks who had a hit with this with his band The Poppy Family. The B side was penned and produced by Johnny Chester. I emailed Johnny to see if he could give me any info on Cassi this is the reply we got :-
G'day Garry,
Good to hear from you,
Cassi James was a stage name selected for Carol Perlman who sang with my show for a year or so in the early '70's. As far as I know they were the only two songs she ever recorded. I did try to get her to take a similar path musically to Linda Ronstadt and embrace country music as well as rock'n'roll and big ballads as she had a mighty voice but it wasn't to be. Carol married and I've only ever seen her once since those days and that was in the early '90's. The last I heard she was still living in Melbourne but I don't know her married name or even if she is still married. I don't think she is still singing.
Sorry I can't be of more help
Thanks for your interest
All the best
We emailed him back with what info we had on Cassi and he was grateful. and he also told us that the B side was recorded at the same session that he and Jigsaw did "Billy's Comin' Home For Christmas" (post # 196) at Armstrong’s demo studio. She re-married at 61 and has written three books. She once said that her most joyful achievement, satisfying beyond words, is and will always be, bringing my precious daughter into this world.

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