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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Post 296 - Ray Burgess - The Golden City / Rachel's Song

Australian musician and television presenter, Ray Burgess, shot to the top of Australia’s pop rock scene following a successful appearance on television’s talent show New Faces. In 1970 Ray soon became a founding member of Red Time, touring Australia for several years before the band was signed up as backing band to then King of Pop, Johnny Farnham. An accomplished singer in his own right, Ray undertook a solo career in 1974 and his first recording, "Touch Me", became a huge Australian hit. This success was confirmed by more hits, "Love Fever", "Sad Rock & Roll", "Rock & Roll Lightning" and, the one he will be most remembered for, "Gloria". Ray also recorded three albums. He was host of Rock & Roll Circus and then popular youth culture program, Flashez on ABC. Here to download is a single written & produced by Axiom's Don Mudie about Bendigo in Victoria, "The Golden City" b/w "Rachel's Song". Can't find out much more about this single as its only mentioned in one of my books as a release in 1981? as you will see in the scans there is no record label or cat. #. I'm starting to think maybe it was recorded for some celebration for Bendigo. Maybe someone out there will enlighten us. Ray penned the B side. Singer, musician, television presenter, host, MC and compére, after 40 years in Australia’s entertainment industry, Ray has a lot to offer. In 2008 Ray’s daughter, singer Casey Burgess, was hand picked from thousands of hopefuls to replace Charli Delaney in the hugely popular kid’s group, Hi-5.


Deutros said...

Thanks Ozzie another little gem.

Craig said...

I grew up in Central Victoria around this time and I do remember hearing this song in some local television commercial (forget which shop or business this was from, maybe Bendigo Building Society but I'm not sure) seen on its local TV station at the time BCV-8.

Anonymous said...

Having been the volunteer Tourism Officer for Bendigo back in the late 70's/early 80's I can tell you that this song was commissioned by the Bendigo Tourist Association (as it was then known) to be played during television commercials to promote tourism in Bendigo. I have 2 copies (originally 1 for each of my Sons) and it is a great catchy tune.
Cheers, Joy