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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Post 318 - The Mojo Singers - C'Mon Aussie C'Mon / Establishment Blues

Seeing the cricket season is upon us we thought these couple of singles may be in order. Originally performed by the Mojo Singers in 1978 as an advertising jingle to promote World Series Cricket's unofficial Australian cricket team, the song eulogised players such as Dennis Lillee, the Chappell brothers Ian and Greg and Rod Marsh. It ended with the refrain, "C'mon Aussie, C'mon, C'mon" sung again and again. The song was part of an advertising campaign devised by the Mojo agency for the Channel Nine network, which televised WSC cricket. Released as a single, it was a smash hit and was played at the WSC games and even sung by crowds at the official Test matches. Each season the lyrics changed to announce who would be the Australian cricket team's opponents that summer and to highlight the latest stars of the team. Here to download is the 1978 WEA single "C'Mon Aussie C'Mon" b/w "Establishment Blues" (100082). The B side was recorded by Glenn Cardier under the name Sydney Hill. As an added bonus we have included in this download the WEA single from 1979 "C'Mon Aussie C'Mon - The New Era" b/w "World Series Cup" & "Have A Go" (100117). Thanks Peter for these. The guys who penned the songs Allan Johnson & Alan Morris had other commercials to their credit such as "You Ought To Be Congratulated" the margarine commercial and "I Feel Like A Tooheys, Or Two" for Tooheys Beer.

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