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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Post 322 - Bruce Woodley - The Colours Of Your Days

Bruce William Woodley born on 25th July 1942, is an Australian singer-songwriter, guitarist, banjo and mandolin-player. He was a founding member of the successful pop-folk group The Seekers. Bruce's first solo venture was a production company called Pennywheel, which saw him release a number of products for children, including a "Build an Alphabet" set of blocks and the 1969 EP & board book "Friday St. Fantasy". In 1969 Bruce headed off to America to sell the songs he'd been writing, and was to remain there for several years. During this period he collaborated with a number of writers including John Farrar and Australian folk singer Hans Poulsen. Their composition "Boom-Sha-La-La-Lo" became a hit for Poulsen. In 1971 Bruce released his first solo album, entitled Just Good Friends. The original album cover featured two naked models having sex. This was deemed too raunchy for Australia and the cover was replaced by a photo of Woodley. The original cover, however, was allowed in New Zealand, and this version of the album is a collectors item today. Here to download is the one sided flexi disc produced by Bill Armstrong Pty Ltd for Dulux Paints called "The Colours Of Your Days." As you can see by the scan there is no cat.# or date of release. Bruce's non-musical work includes public speaking through the Saxton Speakers Bureau, and he is the patron of various organisations such as the National Institute of Youth Performing Arts Australia. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the organisation TLC for Kids, and was for a time, beginning in 1997, the chairman of the Victorian branch of the Variety Club.

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