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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Post 329 - Whistler's Mother - Steamboat Willie / Mister Big

Here is another one of those Aussie bands with not much information to be found. All I can find is that they were a Sydney band formed around 1964 and did not turn professional until 1970 when they released two singles for RCA Records. Here to download is their first single released in 1971 "Steamboat Willie" b/w "Mister Big" (101941) produced by Brian Nicholls. Both tracks were penned by guitarist John Wermut. Other members were Jac Appel - Drums, Brutus Hudson - organ and Heski Wakil. It doesn't seem any of these guys played in any other bands. Apparently, they performed at the NSW final of the Hoadley's battle of the sounds in 1971, but didn't win and go on to the national finals. Again we are hoping someone out there in the cyber world might know a little more about this band. Like before we have had sons, daughters, ex-wives even band members them selves contact us so fingers crossed. We will also do our best to track down the 2nd single for you to hear.


Oz's Hidden Rockstar said...

What a coincidence,I was a member of an Adelaide band called Whistlers Mother at the same time(1966)(Members included my self Niel Edgley(Singer),Rob Adams(Rthm guitar,Graem Goble(Bass)_later in Little River Band-Kevin Peake(lead Guitar)-later in Sky-,myself,the band was managed by Ivan Damon and of Dance Promotions later AIA Qld.the band released an EP after I left with songs titled "Marilyn" and one other i don't remember, I formed another band under the same name in Naracoorte SA 2yrs later playing around the south east SA.

JosephK said...

I remember this song! It was a great song, I really loved it when it came out. Pity it's virtually unfindable nowadays.