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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Post 325 - Hans Poulsen - Coming Home Late Again / Run Away Children

Hans Sven Poulsen who was born Bruce Gordon Poulsen on the 7th of March 1945 in Melbourne, Victoria, is an Australian singer-songwriter who was popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Poulsen had hits with "Boom Sha La La Lo" co written with Seeker's Bruce Woodley and "Light Across the Valley" both in 1970 for Fable Records and had success as a songwriter with "Rose Coloured Glasses" for John Farnham and "Monty and Me" for Zoot. One of his best-known and most successful compositions, "It's Only A Matter Of Time", was the much played B side of the Russell Morris's single "The Real Thing". Before he joined Fable Hans released two singles on Parlophone Records "Rocking Chair" b/w "After Dinner Evening Stroll" which was released in January 1968. It was followed by "Coming Home Late Again" b/w "Run Away Children" (A-8606) in December. Apparently neither single made any impact on the charts. In October 1992, Hans suffered a catastrophic brain haemorrage which left him totally paralysed and in a coma, and doctors initially gave him only a one percent chance of recovery. Incredibly, Hans' strength and positive outlook helped him to pull through, and by 1993, although now permanently confined to a wheelchair, Hans had recovered sufficiently to record a new album, "Carry You In My Heart", which featured some of Australia's finest session musicians. Here for you to download is "Coming Home Late Again".


BigGray said...

I used to love hearing Boom Sha La La Lo on the radio all those years ago, and I have been enjoying the two LPs posted on Midoztouch.
Thanks Ozzie for more Hans.

Micko said...

Actually Ozzie, this single most certainly did chart, even if not to the heights of "Boom Sha La La Lo". In Melbourne it reached #31 & charted for 6 weeks, while it also made a slight impression in Brisbane where it was a #34 hit, charting 3 weeks

Also when you play the B side, you'll notice it's an early version of "Natural High", the title track from his first album. Hope that helps with your blurb :-)

Cheers mate