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Monday, 3 January 2011

Post 320 - The Rocky Horror Show - Original Australian Cast

This recording of the Original 1974 Australian Cast of "The Rocky Horror Show" was initially released as a gatefold LP by Festival Records in Australia, reissued in the U.S. a year later by Elephant Records as a budget LP with no gatefold. This is the only cast album that uses "The Wedding Song" as a song title in place of "Dammit Janet." It also groups "Rose Tint My World" / "Fanfare" / "Wild And Untamed Thing" (collectively titled "It Was Great When It All Began" ) with "I'm Going Home" for one extremely long 9.00 minute track. This stage production opened in Sydney on April 19th, 1974 at the New Arts Cinema in Glebe. It was the first Rocky Horror Show production outside of the U.S. and U.K. The show ran for three and a half years, transferring to Melbourne in October 1975 and then to Adelaide in August 1977 before finally closing. The producer Harry M. Miller heard Richard O'Brien's demo tape before The Rocky Horror Show even opened at the Royal Court Theatre in London. He had previously produced two extremely successful shows in Australia, Hair (1969-71) and Jesus Christ Superstar (1972-74). Vocals on this LP were by Dr. Frank-N-Furter: Reg Livermore, Janet Weiss: Jane Harders, Brad Majors: John Paramor, Riff-Raff: Sal Sharah, Magenta and Usherette: Kate Fitzpatrick, Columbia: Maureen Elkner, Eddie and Dr. Scott: David Cameron, Rocky Horror: Graham Matters, Narrator: Arthur Dignam, Magenta (only on "Touch A Touch Me" and "Once in a While"): Julie McGregor and Brad Majors (only on "Over at the Frankenstein Place"): Piero von Arnim. The band was made up of, on Piano: Jamie McKinley, Sax: Geoff Oakes, Guitar & Mellotron: Roy Ritchie, Bass: Ken Firth and Greg Henson on drums, the chorus was made up of Bob Hudson, Arthur Dignam, Julie McGregor, Maureen Elkner, Graham Matters, Sal Sharah, and Piero von Arnim. Here to download is "The Rocky Horror Show" (L 35231) on Festival. It was produced by John Morrison & Roy Ritchie, recording engineer: Richard E. Lush and executive producer: Harry M. Miller. The original LP features a gatefold with performance photos and complete song lyrics. The budget LP reissue got rid of the gatefold, added the Elephant Records logo and "Suggested Retail: $3.29."


vovse_ne said...

Megaupload is down... Please, make me happy, share it!!!

vovse_ne said...

Thank you!!!

Ian said...

Mate thank you I have been looking for this for years!

buzz said...

I thought I'd lost it forever!"

I used to go and see this at Glebe with my friend (C McGiffen) every Saturday night! My house burnt down at the end of 1983 and I thought I'd lost the vinyl forever - thank you so so much.

S. Browne