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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Post 447 - Bruce Woodley - ANZ Bank Travelling Man

This single was a promotional advertisement single called "The ANZ Bank Travelling Man", and was given out free to employees of that institution as part of the promotion in 1971. Another interesting fact about this song is that Fredd Bear's Breakfast-A-Go-Go show (which aired on ATV Channel 0 and is now ATV-10) aired Bruce Woodley to promote the single and Fredd Bear did a comedy dance routine to the instrumental B side. This is believed to be the only performance by former Seekers member Bruce Woodley of his advertising jingle for 'The ANZ Bank Travelling Man." Here's the link to that performance:


fitzall said...

I remember having a copy of this in the early 70s - dont know where I got it from but i wasn't an ANZ employee or customer .... I think it may have been a give-a-way at the Melbourne Royal Agricultural Show. Anyhow, great to hear it again & an excellent find!

Andrew said...

If you think this stuff's obscure in Oz, imagine what it must be like here!! Hen's teeth! Thanks for the above, and all the other oddities.