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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Post 625 - John Williamson - Road To Town LP

Back on Post # 601 I featured John’s LP from 1976 “Comic Strip Cowboy” that has never made it to CD and this post from 1978 is another of his LP’s that hasn’t yet seen the light of CD. “Road To Town” (6357 057) released in 1978 for Mercury Records was John’s 3rd LP.  He was backed on this album by Tommy Emmanuel, Wayne Findlay, Doug Gallagher, Dave Ellis, Kenny Kitching, Ian Bloxsom and Doug Ashdown on backing vocal. Thanks to Tim for digging this one out. Flac


Guitarzan said...

Always a pleasure, OMM! :)

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Tony Francis said...

Hi there Ozzie
I have the Radio Interview version of this album if you are interested in me ripping this and making it available here as well?

David Muddle said...

Anything with Tommy Emmanuel on it has to be worth a listen. Thanks for this, mate!