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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Post 635 - Stormy Monday - All Of Us and Five Dollars A Night LP

Harry Slee began his career in music as a piano tuner then turned to running music stores in the southern suburbs of Sydney in the late Sixties. In the Seventies he was the singer for Sydney band Soul Generation, followed by a stint in Maple Lace (the band originally formed to capitalise on the success of the 1970 novelty single Gimme Dat Ding). Harry's best-known gig was fronting nationally-known covers blues band “Stormy Monday”. The band was formed in 1981 and between ’81 – ’90 had around 18 members go through their stables. The LP here for you to download “All Of Us and Five Dollars A Night” recorded on Accent Records in 1981 featured Sharon Sims, Bruce Fischer, Craig Robertson, John Crabbe, Gary McGuire, Peter Leonard, John Renton and Harry Slee. This LP has some great covers from CCS, Paul McCartney, Elton John, and a great 10 minute Joe Cocker Medley. Sharon evens covers one of her old hits with her band Flake with a version of “Wheels On Fire”. The album was recorded at Accent Studios Kogarah in September ’81 and was produced by Ross McGregor & Harry Slee. Besides this album the only other known recording by the band was a single in 1987 called “Sooner Or Later” on Beat E Records.  I asked Sharon Sims about the single but she didn’t know anything about it she said it must have been after she left the band. Sadly in 2003 we lost Harry who died of liver failure, due to years of alcohol abuse." Thanks also to Henry for touching up the art work. Flac


василий канарейкин said...

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Ozzie Music Man said...

What are you looking for?

василий канарейкин said...
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