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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Post 627 - Red McKelvie - She's So Fine - Papa Joe

Red McKelvie is a New Zealand singer-songwriter-instrumentalist and session musician who has been described as "Australasia's greatest pop guitarist" He has appeared on albums by Richard Clapton and The Flying Circus in Australia and Hello Sailor, Dave Dobbyn's DD Smash, Al Hunter and Glen Moffatt in New Zealand. McKelvie's early forays in the music scene were as lead guitarist for such Auckland, New Zealand, bands as The Chelsea Beats, The Dark Ages and The Avengers, but it was upon his arrival in Sydney, Australia, in 1967 that he became a much in-demand sideman and session player. Sydney bands in which McKelvie featured included The Starving Wild Dogs, alongside future Blackfeather pianist Paul Wyld, and Quill before he joined The Flying Circus and greatly influenced their flirtation with country music. Despite the first single from The Flying Circus's “Prepared in Peace” LP being McKelvie's "Israel", McKelvie was sacked from the band for "confusing the band's direction". McKelvie released singles as a solo artist and as leader of The Third Union Band and was lead guitarist on the first two Richard Clapton albums, including playing all the multilayered electric guitar on the Australian number two hit "Girls on the Avenue". He returned to New Zealand in 1975 where he became a highly sought after session musician, performed on Television New Zealand's primetime That's Country show and produced recordings for the country's queen of country music Patsy Riggir. Bands McKelvie played with in Auckland, New Zealand, in the 1970s to the 1990s included Cruise Lane, with New Zealand's jingles king Murray Grindlay and Dragon songwriter Paul Hewson, the Al Hunter Band, the Glen Moffatt Band and his own Cajun combo Mumbo Gumbo.  Red recorded two singles for Infinity Records, his first in 1971 here for you to download “She’s So Fine” b/w “Papa Joe” (INK-4401). The single was produced by Richard Batchens. McKelvie returned to his home town of Christchurch in 1997, and in 2007 finally released his debut solo album, “Ridin' On Trains – Songs of New Zealand and Australia”.Flac

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Micko said...

Thanks for this one Ozzie..I have the Third Union Band single & Red's solo I have this early solo release also. Now if only that 2nd one would show up :-)

Many thanks my friend

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