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Friday, 15 April 2016

Post 630 - Hunter - Dreams Of Ordinary Men - Start It Up (Extended Versions)

Dragon’s 1986 album "Dreams Of Ordinary Men", recorded in New York under producer Todd Rundgren, was released in August and made it to 18 on the album charts. Three singles were released from it, "Dreams Of Ordinary Men", "Western Girls" and "Nothing To Lose". In 1987 they toured Europe as support to Tina Turner. So as to not sound like a heavy metal band, their name was changed to “Hunter” for the tour. The "Dreams Of Ordinary Men" CD was released in Europe and the US under the name Hunter, with a different cover. "Rain" was added to the track list, and all of the songs, except "Midnight Sun" and "Start It Up" were remixed in the US. They all sound different to the originals. Here to download is the extended version 12” single of “Dreams Of Ordinary Men” b/w “Start It Up” (885 655-1) on Polydor Records. Out of all their 12” extended singles this by far was the hardest one to track down. The only one believe it or not I could find was in Finland. Lucky for me I have a very good friend that lives in Finland and also loves Aussie music so she got hold of it and sent it out to me, Thank you Marina for your help. Flac


Damien Stewart said...

Hello just found your blog and w want to say thanks for your post. I'm a favourite of Dragon songs among many others. I found it amusing they changed the band name symbolic of a big green beast to that of man out to hunt and kill prey. So they would "sound" different. Looking at it that way again anyway. 😀

Jason said...

Thanks for this FLAC rip Garry.