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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Post 626 - Maureen Elkner - Going Back LP

Maureen Elkner started her professional career in the late 1960s with female vocal trio The Chiffons, with Sue Brady and Judy Condon. They sang back-up for John Farnham, and toured Vietnam around 1969 with The Gallery, entertaining the Australian troops stationed there. Also in 1969, Maureen contributed to a landmark Australian single that is probably the other recording she is best-known for, alongside former Wild Cherries vocalist Danny Robinson, Maureen provided backing vocals for the Russell Morris classic "The Real Thing", and her voice can be heard prominently throughout the song, especially the wailing high notes in the closing bars of the song, just before the final explosion. In the early Seventies Maureen branched out into acting and musical theater. She appeared in Australian production of the then-notorious musical Oh! Calcutta, which was closed by police halfway through the second performance and banned. One of her first TV credits was a small role in the famous soapie “Number 96”. In 1972 and she was a cast member of the original Australian production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” and in 1974 she played the featured role of "Columbia" in the original Sydney production of “The Rocky Horror Show” with Reg Livermore. She appears on the original Australian cast soundtrack LP's of both these shows. In 1975 she signed to M7 Records (which was also Bob Hudson's label) and she recorded five singles for them including "Rak Off Normie” which was the 'answer song' to "The Newcastle Song", written and performed by folk singer and broadcaster Bob Hudson. She also wrote many of the tracks that appeared on her two sought after albums, sang backup for some famous Australian performers and brought Dusty Springfield's songs back to life for the many fans who still longed to hear them. This download is the Dusty Springfield tribute album “Going Back” (SSP-OO1) the album was produced by Russell Grigg. I’m not sure what year it was released. Fortunately, unlike like many performers who have been typecast after having a huge novelty hit, she was able to break the mold by displaying prowess as an actress in major stage productions as well as prominent TV soaps. Flac


Unc said...

Thanks Ozzie; another great find. Maureen Elkner had a Dusty Springfeld revival stage show in 2001. A 15-year-old promo for the show at Wests Leagues is still on the net ( Perhaps this CD was made to accompany those performances.

Micko said...

What a great addition..Maureen is undoubtedly one of our most underrated female singers..well publicly if not professionally at least. But 40+ years after 'Rak Off Normie' & she's still out there playing shows like this Dusty tribute..and others

I don't suppose you have larger & more complete scans for this CD do you? It looks like a terrific album judging by the song titles