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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Post 143 - Phil Cunneen - Johanna's Softly Crying

Adelaide musician Phil Cunneen was an important influence in the studio, as arranger and musical director for most of the label Sweet Peach early singles. The connections between Cunneen and Doug Ashdown went back to their early days in Adelaide. Phil supplied the music on the Here's Humphrey LP's. He also plays keyboards with Peter Combe which Phil has been playing with Combe since his original popularity. He did the music arrangements for the movie Breaker Morant and was a part of the 1983 line up of Barrie McAskill's Levi Smith's Clefs once more with its big brassy sound, this line up included Phil Cunneen on piano. Phil only released two singles "Johanna's Softly Crying" (MX7024) on Gamba Records 1970 and "John Wesley Harding” in 1971. Here to download is the first single b/w "Brand New Song" by Roy Wooding and who is Roy Wooding? If you know please let me know as I can't find anything on this man anywhere.


pianodudeler said...

Roy Wooding is an Adelaide musician and journalist.

Gary Burrows said...

Hi I'm Gary Burrows who wrote "Brand new Song" for Roy Wooding. Great that someone has a copy as I don't. Love hearing it again. It was recorded at Gamba during the radio ban on English records and was part of a long playing album. Would love it if anyone had one for sale somewhere as I have never owned that album personally. I later played drums in Brass Carnival, The Boys and The Moondogs. Currently I am the guitarist singer songwriter in "The Rustlers" based in Adelaide and with four original albums under our belt. So my songwriting continued thanks to Derek Jolly and his vision back in the seventies. Love to hear from anyone who was involved in those recordings at Gamba