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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Post 167 - Rolf Harris - Two Little Boys EP

Two Little Boys is a song written by American composer Theodore Morse and Edward Madden. It was written in 1902 and became a popular music hall song of the time, made popular by Harry Lauder. It describes the story of two boys who grow up to fight in the American Civil War. In 1969, it was revived by Rolf Harris, who briefly visited folk musician Ted Egan during a tour of Arnhem Land in Australia. Egan sang him the song, which Harris recorded on tape. Back in the UK, Harris persuaded his television producer to incorporate the song into his BBC variety show. Harris discovered he had lost the tape and rang Egan, 10,000 miles away in Canberra, and asked him to sing the song over the phone. Alan Braden arranged the song for the TV show, and a favourable audience reaction prompted Harris to record and releases it as a single. The song reached #1 on the singles chart in December 1969, where it stayed for six weeks. Here to download is the "Two Little Boys" EP (FX-11,706) on Festival Records, the other 3 songs on the EP were all written by Rolf, "Bony", "Write 'Em Rough" and "I Love My Love" the latter also came from the Two Little Boys" LP. Which is another post I’m sure?

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