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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Post 185 - Greg Bonham - Just A Little Guy / One Girl Ago

Greg Bonham was raised on his father's sheep farm in Wagga Wagga, with two brothers and two sisters and from the age of eleven was fronting the Bonham kids own band, but a network talent quest called "Showcase", which he won hands down, was soon to bring him national recognition and Greg Bonham's solo career has begun. Greg decided to seriously study music and finally he scored top honours at Sydney's conservatorium of music. With the farm far behind him, now based in Sydney. Starring in Hilton Hotels and entertaining U.S. military personnel. The ten year period bases in Sydney armed Greg with seven single recordings, a live album at Sydney's spectacular Opera House and over 150 national television appearances but finally ambition urged him overseas, to England. After five years in England, an engagement in Miami Florida brought Greg to the U.S.A. Merv Griffin introduced him to American television audiences, leading to major booking throughout the country. Here to download is Greg's first single for Festival Records in 1968 "Just A Little Guy" b/w "One Girl Ago" (FK-2616) produced by John Egginton. Greg's leisure time is fishing, especially now, from his new waterfront home on North Miami Beach, which he shares with his wife, Liz and daughter Rebel.

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