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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Post 186 - Neil Williams & Kerrie Biddell - Hail All Hail / My Boy's Different

Kerrie Biddel auditioned in 1968 at the age of 21 as vocalist for the band Affairs and became their lead singer. They won the National Battle of the Sounds and in 1970 went to England. While in England the members found different directions and Kerrie came back to Australia. She began appearing with the Daly Wilson Big Band while with them she married David Glyde front man for Sounds Incorporated. In that year they moved to Canada with the help of Phil Birnbaum who briefly managed her for a year. She lived in Toronto and made her living doing session work. After she returned to Australia and signing to Bootleg Records she started working on an LP straight away the S/T LP was a best seller 1973. Here to download from "Man Of Sorrows" with Neil Williams recorded for H.M.V. Records "Hail All Hail" b/w "My Boy's Different" (EA-9890) from 1972. Both sides are from "Man Of Sorrows" with the B side sang by Kerrie.

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Slackjack said...

I first heard of Kerrie Biddell after I met the guys in James Elder, through their bass player, Paul Wheeler. I was told about her and her talent, and that she was Jim Kelly's girlfriend. This was before The Affair, so they would have known about her great talents when Gino Cunico left to join the Executives. I doubt she needed to audition.