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Friday, 23 October 2009

Post 178 - Bandanna - Boogie Down Under

Bandanna was basically a biker’s band. They were a Sydney based Blues/Boogie/Rock band of the 80’s formed in 1986 by Larry Macmillan, Terry Duffy, Graeme Newtown and Rick Doolan. They were similar to George Thorogood in sound but were more like Dire Straits doing Z Z Top in looks. They had over 15 members go through their stables before they disbanded in 1990. They released a mini LP in 1986 "Bag Fulla Boogie." and two singles. Here to download is their single from 1988 "Boogie Down Under" b/w "Boogie Down Under-Motor Mix" (104847) on Possum Records. The single was produced by Matthew Hughes.

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