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Friday, 23 October 2009

Post 182 - Ted Maher - Tracy / Good Morning World

Here is another song that could have come from the Concert For Darwin LP. This time it's Ted Maher with his song about Cyclone Tracy, which took most Darwin residents by surprise. Despite several warnings the people of Darwin did not evacuate or prepare for the cyclone. Many residents continued to prepare for Christmas, and many attended Christmas parties, despite the increasing winds and heavy rain. But who is Ted Maher? there is nothing on the net that I can find about this singer the only Ted Maher on the net is an American registered nurse convicted of arson in a 1999, and I'm sure it's not this Ted. The single was released on M7 Records in 1975 and both sides of the single were written by E. Maher and produced by Rory Thomas. Here to download is that single "Tracy" b/w "Good Morning World" (MS-092).

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