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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Post 172 - Marty Rhone & The Stars Of Godspell - 5 Great Hits From Godspell EP

Marty Rhone was born Carl Van Rhoon, on 7th of May 1948. Of Dutch Indonesian ancestry, he started singing at an early age and at 17 went straight from school to a professional singing career. In late 1965 Marty and his band The Blue Feelings went to audition for a new record company called Spin Records, which was run by Nat Kipner. Nat liked Marty, but not the band, and as a result Marty signed with the label as a solo act. Nat Kipner had seen The Soul Agents performing at a Sydney club and was very impressed with the band, so in January 1966 Marty Rhone and The Soul Agents joined forces and became part of the Spin roster along with Steve & The Board, the Bee Gees, Jeff St. John & The Id, Tony Barber, The Dave Miller Set and Ronnie Burns. The next twelve months was a hectic schedule taken up with recording, touring and television appearances. There were many highlights in their touring schedule including support to The Rolling Stones on their 1966 Australian tour. In 1967, The Soul Agents took on a full time residency performing at one of Sydney’s biggest Nightclubs, and Marty moved to Melbourne where he continued to do television and personal appearances and remained there until early 1970 when he was conscripted into the army for a two year period. Out of his battle greens in 1972, Marty enrolled at the NSW Conservatorium of Music on a government grant for a two year period and then turned his attention toward acting, where he worked both live theatre Godspell and on television with roles including Number 96, Certain Woman and Class of ’75. Here to download is the EP "Marty Rhone & The Stars Of Godspell - 5 Great Hits From Godspell" (SPG.001) released on EMI Records in 1975 it also featured the singing of Carmen Tanti, Peita Toppano and Emma Gray. The music arrangement was by Rory Thomas and Arthur Pettett produced the EP. In August 1975, Marty signed to the M7 label and burst into the charts with “Denim And Lace”, which became the year’s second biggest selling single.

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