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Friday, 23 October 2009

Post 180 - Daytime Actors - Follow / Reasons For Living

Not a lot of imformation on these guys, they formed in 1986 and released two singles. The first was "Dance To The Beat" and the follow up in 1986 is here for you to download "Follow" b/w "Reasons For Living" recorded for RCA Records. I can hear hints of a Duran Duran influence in this single. The single was penned by the guys and the record was produced by Sherbet's Clive Shakespeare. The members were Dave Cumming - bass, Neil King - drums, Peter Mills - guitar, Paul Mills - keyboards and Damien Stark - vocals.


Dea Noa said...

Hello, Music Man

Do you maybe have their other single; "Dance To The Beat" ?
If you maybe have it, could please, please post it?:-)

Garry Ryan said...

Hi Dea Noa try post 652 you'll find it there :)

Dea Noa said...

Garry Ryan,
Thank You soo much!!!:-)