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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Post 170 - Russell Morris - Russell Morris

Russell Morris moved to London in 1973 to record a new album. When he got there he discovered there was no record contract waiting for him. He then relocated to New York and set to work on an album there. This S/T LP released in 1975 on Robie Porter's Wizard label in Australia and on RCA for US release, included re-recordings of "Wings Of An Eagle" and "Sweet, Sweet Love", with ten new songs penned by Russell including the single "Let's Do It", which reached #14 in November '75. It took two more years before he was granted his Green Card, enabling him to work in America. By that time, any chance of an American career had evaporated. By the time Russell returned home he found a very different Australia than the one he had left behind five years earlier. He fronted a variety of bands during the Eighties including Russell Morris & the Rubes, The Russell Morris Band and The Lonely Boys, and he has notched up a number of solid hits and fine, well received Albums over the years. But for now here to download is the 1975 S/T album recorded on Wizard "Russell Morris" (ZL-208)

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jamie said...

Thanks OMM for this enjoyable album. What a fine artist.