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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Post 66 - Ernie Sigley & Denise Drysdale - Until The End Of Time

Born Denise Anne Christina Drysdale, she began her career as a dancing three-year-old. Drysdale began working with television at 10 years of age with GTV9 in Melbourne. By age 16, she was sacked from Graham Kennedy's In Melbourne Tonight for being overweight and the "weak link". Denise went on to win the annual Girl of the Year Award with Everybody's magazine in 1964. Claiming to be a singer, despite never have sung professionally in her life, Denise was invited to tour Australia with Ray Brown & The Whispers. She was employed as Melbourne's first go-go dancer at age 17. In 1974, she became Ernie Sigley's barrel girl on The Ernie Sigley Show, earning the nick-name Ding Dong. Ernest William "Ernie" Sigley (born 2 September 1938, in Footscray, Victoria) is an enduring Australian entertainment personality known for his square-rimmed spectacles, the gap between his front teeth and his slapstick approach to comedy. Sigley is especially remembered for his 1964 association with the Adelaide leg of The Beatles tour of Australia. In 1974 Ernie & Denise covered the Paul & Paula hit "Hey Paula" for Festival Records, but yes you got it another B side, of that single for you to listen to "Until The End Of Time" (K 5650).

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