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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Post 73 - Johnny Young - The Young Man & His Music LP

Like so many Aussie pop stars, Johnny was born overseas and came to Australia. He was born Johnny Benjamin deJong in Rotterdam on March 12, 1945, the youngest of four children. In 1965, Johnny got his first break into TV when he became host of a local Perth pop show Club 17. In early 1966 when The Easybeats visited Perth, they gave Johnny the seal of approval by presenting him with one of their new songs. "Step Back", co-written by Stevie Wright and George Young. His credits include Russell Morris' "The Real Thing" and "Part Three Into Paper Walls", Ronnie Burns "Smiley" -- all national #1 singles, Ross D. Wyllie's "The Star" (successfully covered as "Here Comes the Star" in UK by Herman's Hermits) and Lionel Rose's "I Thank You". "The Real Thing" established Johnny Young as a major writer. Russell Morris' follow-up single "Part Three Into Paper Walls” in July 1969 went to #1 while "The Real Thing" was still charting. Johnny provided the beautiful B-side "The Girl That I Love", Ronnie Burns' recording of his song "Smiley", one of the first Australian Singles released in stereo. Johnny scored yet another #1 single during 1970 with the country ballad "I Thank You", recorded by former boxing champion Lionel Rose. Here for you to download is Johnny's 1973 LP "The Young Man & His Music" (SRA250.123).


Micko said...

Everyone seems to be saying thanks on Midoztouch Ozzie so I thought I'd come straight to the source :-) This is a great upload & it's very interesting to hear Johnny's own versions of the many excellent hits he wrote for others. If only he hadn't felt the need to include the hit he wrote for ex-Collingwood footy player Peter MCkenna, Smile All The While, it would have been a terrific album. But at least that's the last track LOL

Thanks again mate

Oz Music said...

Thanks for this Ozzie - it's a beauty.

Do you happen to have Johnny's later All My Loving LP?