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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Post 67 - Johnny O'Keefe - Holly Holy

John Michael O'Keefe, known as Johnny O'Keefe (19 January 1935 – 6 October 1978) was an Australian rock and roll singer whose career began in the 1950s and ended with his early death in the late 1970s. Some of his hits include "Wild One" (1958), "Shout!" and "She's My Baby". In his twenty-year career, O'Keefe released over 50 singles, 50 EP's and 100 albums. Often referred to by his initials, "JOK" or by his nickname, "The Wild One", O'Keefe was the first and biggest star of the 'classic' rock'n'roll era in Australia. He was the first Australian rock'n'roll performer to tour the United States. During 1969 O'Keefe toured Vietnam to entertain Australian troops. He signed a new contract with Festival at the end of 1969 and continued to record and release singles, but it was not until July 1972 that he finally scored another hit with a re-recorded version of 1958 hit "So Tough", which reached #7 in September that year. In January 1973 O'Keefe performed at the second Sunbury Pop Festival. MC Paul Hogan introduced him as a "newcomer" and urged the crowd to "give him a go", and although he was at first greeted with some jeering and booing, by the end of his set he had completely won over the crowd. For you to download is the B side of the 1972 version of "So Tough" a cover of Neil Diamond's 1969 hit "Holly Holy" (FK 4774).

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John Daly said...

jok is now available on loads on buy sites. go for it.