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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Post 71 - Linda George - Shoo Be Doo Be Doo Dah Day

Linda George was one of Australia’s most successful and respected female vocalists of the 1970s, best known for her soulful voice and her 1974 hit "Mama's Little Girl". She went on to be an in-demand session singer, and teacher. She was born in the UK and immigrated with her family to Australia as a young teenager in the 1960s where they settled in Adelaide. In 1969 she had joined her first band Nova Express, a large Jazz-Rock group similar to U.S. acts Chicago or Blood Sweat and Tears, with the notable difference of having a female “front man”. In 1972 she joined Image Records and released her first solo single "Let's Fly Away" in May. In March 1973 she scored the role of the Acid Queen in the Australian stage production of The Who’s Rock Opera Tommy. The raised exposure helped ensure that George’s second single as "Miss Linda George" in July 1973 was a success. A cover of the then current Gladys Knight & the Pips U.S hit "Neither One of Us" her version took all the sales in Australia. Next came the much acclaimed debut LP Linda in August 1974. Now at the peak of her career Jack Richardson was again enlisted to produce the follow up album, Step by Step which was released in December 1975. The album’s first single "Shoo Be Doo Be Doo Dah Day" performed reasonably well in her hometown of Adelaide, but the rest of Australia wasn't so keen. Even worse, the album only managed three weeks at the bottom of the charts. A follow up single, "Step By Step", was released to boost sales but, this was even worse, failing to make the charts at all. For you to download is that single written by Stevie Wonder, Henry Cosby & Sylvia Moy "Shoo Be Doo Be Doo Dah Day" (Image IS-171).

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