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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Post 68 - Slim Newton - The Redback On The Toilet Seat & How Did The Redback Die EP's

Ralph Ernest (Slim) Newton came from a family of three boys, is a man steeped in the tradition of authentic Australian country music. His first record, "Red back on the Toilet Seat" made history, and has earned Slim three gold records. In less than a year's recorded work Slim changed from a totally unknown part time singer and composer of country songs to an Australasian recording celebrity whose name will always be remembered as the creator of one of Australia's greatest run-away country hits. Slim sang the song on the live "Big 'T' Jubilee" radio show (2TM, 3MA, 4CA, 7LA) with a huge and immediate response. An instant blackout was placed on the song until the disc was released in March 1972. Late in April "Redback" was showing the first signs of being a gigantic hit. The EP started to appear on prediction charts around Australia soon after. October saw Slim back in Tamworth to promote his second record "How Did the Redback Die?" in which he recorded two different versions of the demise of his creepy crawly friend. This record sold 17,000 copies - half way to gold record status! Australasian sales of that original EP record which was never a single passed the 100,000 sales before being deleted on 8th June 1978. Here for your C&W pleasure out of 1972 are the 2 EP's "The Red Back On The Toilet Seat" (HEP 537) & "How Did The Redback Die" (HEP 539) enjoy.

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