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Friday, 27 February 2009

Post 80 - Billy Thorpe - First 3 LP's

Today is a special day. Not a happy day to remember, but special still the same. Two years ago today an icon in the Aussie music industry was lost. For this very reason the only post that Ozzie Music man and myself are making today is of the late and oh so great William Richard Thorpe 29 March 1946. This wonderful man gave his life to his music. Known to us all as Billy Thorpe or Thorpie, Billy was born in Manchester but immigrated in 1955 to Melbourne. Billy started his career performing as 'Little Rock Allen' where he had settled in Brisbane. Billy spent years through childhood giving his life to his music. He moved to Sydney in 1963 in search of success. He auditioned for lead man of a band “The Aztecs”. Billy’s comment when told their name was “What are they, a Mexican mariachi band?” Billy’s first song started hard with “Shout”. After a few tries with the audience, he simply stole their hearts. He was made lead man of the Aztecs then and there. The first download for you is “Poison Ivy” 1964 (R66-537). Billy is featured on six tracks of this album with the original Aztecs lead singer, Johnny Noble featured on the others. This album was released during the days that Billy spent at the Surf City Club in Kings Cross. Billy used to listen to the bands that played there and just felt that a change was coming in Australian music, and boy was he right! This album featured hits such as “Poison Ivy” and “Blue Day” which was released as a single once on Linda Lee and another time on Fesitval. The second album (and my favourite) is “Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs” (PMCO 7525). This album featured Billy doing cover versions of many famous songs. What a brilliant version of Stand By Me! In this album I first noticed Billy’s famous Tarzan-type scream….simply fascinating. The following album was a new line-up. This was the only album Billy did with The Aztecs Mk II. “Don’t You Dig This Kind Of Beat” (PMCP-7529). This album was reissued in 1968 as “I Got A Woman” on MFP Budget Label. Here for you to download are those three albums that so stupidly never made it to CD. What on earth are those record companies thinking? As a final note: Rest in peace you wild and wonderful legend! You are missed and loved.


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