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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Post 75 - Sparkle - Crazy Like A Fox / Coming To Take You Away

Sparkle was formed in 1974 They were a kind of glam band from Sydney. Their one and only single was "Crazy Like A Fox" (K 6318) for Infinity Records in 1976. Known members are Kevin Allen (bass) David Gibbons (guitar/vocals) Frank Manna (drums) Katie Manna (keyboards) and Tom Thorpe (guitar). The song penned by Al Staehely was also featured on The Who's Keith Moon solo 1975 LP "Two Sides Of The Moon." Here for you to download is Sparkle's one and only single and its B side out of '76 "Crazy Like A Fox / Coming To Take You Away"


kami said...

dalvanius and sparkle on the same blog!!! a man after my own heart!! took me years to hunt down dalvanius' singles (got two of em last year) and i have the sparkle single too. glad someone else remembers them. i vaguelly remember hearing that sparkle won a battle of the bands comp at the time?? the single was their reward?? but then that was a long time ago :)

Munju said...

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Micko said...

Hi Ozzie
A tasty little bit of info here is that the vocalist for Sparkle was David Gibbons. David went on to front Sydney hard rock band Squeeze (who's main claim to fame is they were the reason the British band became UK Squeeze haha. But they did release an album & 4 singles on the short lived Laser Label thru RCA

Something you can add to ur write up. Now who has the album & singles I wonder??