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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Post 76 - Dalvanius & The Fascinations - Canberra We're Watching You

Dalvanius was born in New Zealand on 16 January 1948, the sixth of 11 children, In 1967 Dalvanius moved to Wellington, working as a cook by day and as a musician by night. By 1969 he had formed the Fascinations with his brother Edward and sister Barletta. Together they won Talent Scope, a national talent quest hosted on 2ZB by Philip Sherry. Dalvanius travelled to Australia in 1970 with the Shevelles, but gigs were limited due to their dislike of travel and a religious objection to performing on Sundays. When Barletta arrived a year later, the Fascinations reformed. Their vocal talents meant the Fascinations were in demand recording backing vocals for Australian stars such as Johnny O'Keefe, Reg Lyndsay, Renee Geyer, Richard Clipton, Gulliver Smith, Col Joye. In 1976 he joined the Australian rock band Sherbet’s tour "Life Is For Living". Sherbet’s Clive Shakespeare and their New Zealand-born keyboardist Garth Porter encouraged the Fascinations to record their own material. Shakespeare and Porter produced and played on the Dalvanius single "Canberra We're Watching You". The single's release resulted in his appearance on ABC's pop show "Countdown". Now days when he is not on stage somewhere around the world he is in a New Zealand recording studio producing his latest project for his MAUI Record Label or touring the world giving lectures on MOKOMOKAI (preserved Maori Heads). Here for you to download is their 1975 single for Infinity "Canberra We're Watching You". (K 6210)

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