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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Post 119 - Digby Richards - Whiskey Sundown LP

Born on September 12, 1941 in the remote western New South Wales town of Dunedoo. His father's work as a mounted policeman kept him in rural areas. When Digby was still young the family moved to Narooma, where he grew up. At 17 he went to Sydney and started work as a trainee manager with Waltons department store. After a chance meeting with two other boys in a music shop he formed a band the R'Jays, playing dances in town halls around Sydney. The group approached Festival Records for an audition. Legend has it Digby Richards’ singing did not impress, but the way the girls yelled and screamed as soon as he went on stage did. The boss of Festival Ken Taylor reputedly said, "Even if you haven't got a voice, my eyes tell me I could sell your records on your looks if nothing else." They were granted an audition. Digby Richards and the R'Jays were the first group to play live on Brian Henderson's Bandstand, and became regulars on both Bandstand and the Johnny O'Keefe’s Six O’clock Rock. By August 1959 he had his own TV show; in 1970 he traveled to England and spent a year writing songs. He returned to record and release the highly acclaimed Harlequin album with the single, “A Little Piece Of Peace”, returned him to charts for the first time in nine years. More hits followed. Digby Richards continued to record and perform throughout the 70s. He died on February 16, 1983 of pancreatic cancer. Here for you to download is the LP “Whiskey Sundown” (PL 25154) from 1978.

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Deutros said...

Thanks for this Ozzie was never a big Digby fan but have comr to appreciate his talent.