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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Post 121 - Broderick Smith - Goin' On Down To The End Of The World / She's Gone

Broderick Smith was born in 1948 in Hertfordshire, England. Smith and his family migrated to Australia in 1959 and settled, in St Albans a Western suburb of Melbourne. He has been a member of 1970s bands Carson and The Dingoes, 1980s Broderick Smith's Big Combo and performed solo. In 1972 Rhett Walker, Carson's manager wanted to promote Smith as a solo artist. In May 1972 he recorded the first of two singles for Image the first "Goin' On Down To The End Of The World" b/w "She's Gone" (IS - 115) both sides of this single were penned and produced by Brian Cadd and if I'm not mistaken Brian played piano and did backing vocals. Smith has been involved in writing about 200 songs and has run workshops on song writing, harmonica and vocals. Here to download is that single from 1972 which for some reason I'm sure has never made it to CD.

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xenamerry said...

Thanks for this precious gem. I first met Broderick when he played with Adderley Smith Blues band at Queensberry pub in Carlton. The 'Smith' was before he joined. He lived with his family in Craigieburn at the time. I got my first adult kiss from him. Not a tongey & had a crush on him for years but I wouldn't sleep with him so we were just friends. Kerryn Tolhurst was also in Adderley Smith Blues band & he & Broderick were friends for years. Kerryn also played for Country Radio & Mississippi. He was in the Dingoes with Broderick. Kerryn also was praised for his backing on Benjamin Hugg album. Last I heard he was doing session work in USA. I also saw him in a video backing Richard Clapton. I have Broderick's other single, Yesterday It Rained. Also on Image label. John from Aussie Oldies says he'd love to put it on Youtube if I can make it MP3. Have asked him to advise me how & how to get it to him. Thanks again. This song shows the quality of Broderick's voice & what he can do. He's the same age as me or one year older. I'm 62 & as far as I know he's still going. Amazing! I knew he was special from the start.