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Friday, 24 July 2009

Post 130 - Maria Venuti - Listen To Your Mama / City Streets

Maria Venuti is one of this country’s leading performers, Maria has played in every major cabaret venue around Australia, New Zealand, the Far East, Japan as well as entertaining our boys in the Sinai Desert. From starting in Television on Brian Henderson’s Bandstand, Graham Kennedy’s IMT, The Mike Walsh Show Variety Italian Style etc. Many well known stars paid homage to her incredible personality and talents. Rolf Harris declared Venuti a true character and talent of Australia. The song here for you to download is the answer song to "Shaddap You Face" and was recorded in 1981,it was co-written by US songwriters Al Styne and Ellean Russell, Ellean also wrote the B side. Joe Dolce once said “I have never heard the song, I was always honoured and fascinated that Maria got in the spirit of the times around "Shaddap You Face" and wanted to explain things from Mama's point of view". Here to download is that song recorded for RCA Records "Listen To Your Mama" b/w "City Streets" (103739).

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