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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Post 134 - Rory Thomas - From Rory Thomas With Love EP

Rory Thomas was a keyboard player in a number of great Aussie bands such as Heart 'N' Soul, The Affair , Questions and Doug Parkinson In Focus. Rory's superb musical training came from Australia, the U.K. and America. In America he studied under the late Earl Grant. He was the musical director for Godspell in Sydney. The only single by him was in 1975 called "Fire Wheels" b/w "Skateboard Freak-out" Here to download is Rory's EP "From Rory Thomas With Love" (PRS-2316) which was released by EMI and sold at Bankstown Square where he played music each year. The record was produced by Arthur Pettett.


kimbo said...

Melissa's debut 45 "Mississippi Mamma" was produced by Rory Thomas

Paul Greenfield said...

OMG, I think it's the Rory I knew back in the day. He lived up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and had a yacht up there which I helped him sail.