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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Post 128 - The Sports - O.K, U.K! EP

Based in Melbourne, The Sports released a number of successful singles and albums. They were formed in 1976 by Stephen Cummings who was the singer of Melbourne rockabilly group, The Pelaco Brothers, which comprised Cummings, Joe Camilleri, Peter Lillie and Johnny Topper. Their best known songs include "Boys (What Did The Detective Say?)", "Don't Throw Stones", "When You Walk In The Room", "How Come", "Who Listens To The Radio?", "Perhaps" and “Strangers on a Train". Members were Martin Armiger guitar (1978-1981), Ed Bates guitar (1976-1978), StephenCummings vocals (1976-1981), Robert Glover bass (1976-1981), Paul Hitchins drums (1976-1980), Iain McLennan drums (1980), Jim Niven vocals, keyboards (1976-1980), Andrew Pendlebury guitar, vocals (1976-1981), Freddie Strauks drums (1980-1981) and Red Symons keyboards (1980). Here for you to download is their EP O.K, U.K! (X13052), which was recorded in London for Mushroom in 1979.


Pygmy Beat said...

Thanks for this - it's been a grand Sports week or so.

Deutros said...

One I toiught I had but I don't but now I do thanks Ozzie

Deutros said...


Dictionary = one unable to type