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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Post 133 - Mental As Anything - Mental As Anything Plays At Your Party EP

Two fans, Martin Fabinyi and Cameron Allen, liked the Mentals so much that they formed Regular Records to release the band's Mental As Anything Plays At Your Party EP. It started selling like crazy at gigs, sold from the boots of the cars of Greedy Smith, Martin Plaza, Reg Mombassa, Peter O’Doherty and Wayne ‘Bird’ Delisle. It featured all original tracks, and is their only release on which Plaza and Mombassa were credited by their original names, Martin Murphy and Chris O'Doherty. Sydney rock station Double Jay gave airplay to its most popular track, "The Nips Are Getting Bigger", a drinking song written by Plaza. Soon after the EP's release, Festival Records took over distribution of Regular Records and released a remix of "The Nips Are Getting Bigger" as a single in July 1979. This was followed on 1st November by the band's debut album, Get Wet. Mental As Anything has released 36 singles, 2 EP's and 18 albums. Here to download we go back where it all started in 1978 with the 3 track EP " Mental As Anything Plays At Your Party" (REG 1)

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