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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Post 19 - Garry Pankhurst - My Pal Skippy

From the E.P “Skippy The Bush Kangaroo” (GEPO 70052) for you to download is “My Pal Skippy” sang by Garry Pankhurst who played Sonny Hammond in the T.V show. The original music was composed by Eric Jupp. Pankhurst left show-business and now manages restaurants and hotels. He currently lives in Queensland and his latest venture is exporting to Malaysia.


Micko said...

Hi Ozzie, you wouldn't have the other tracks on this would you? Thanks mate


I do have the other tracks. I just haven't cleaned them up yet. I will work on them then post them for you. :-)

Micko said...

Thanks Ozzie. Actually I have the Skippy Theme Music on an old CD, so just the other 2 will be fine when you can. Could you post front & back cover scans to by any chance

Thanks again

Anne-Maree said...
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