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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Post 37 - Jeff Duff Orchestra - Walk On The Wild Side

Think of Bowie channelling Sinatra, fronting Blood, Sweat & Tears (playing Chicago covers) and you might get an idea of what Jeff Duff is like (that quote from Aztec Music who has reissue Jeff’s band Kush first two albums on CD). Born in 1950 this eccentric singer with his jazz – rock style band Kush released a great version of McArther Park. With the break up of Kush in 1975, Duff went solo and went to the U.K. The British accepted his style but he caused a stir with the mainstream media. In ’88 Duff returned to Oz to play Secta in the film “Sons Of Steel”. Later that year he formed the Jeff Duff Orchestra, an all girl group of classically trained musicians. In ’89 Jeff Duff Orchestra recorded “Walk On The Wild side” for the second time, this time on the Captain Vimto label where it became a hit. I think it’s very different than the original Lou Reed version… see what you think. Here to download is “Walk On The Wild Side” (V1201)


Big Trev said...

Mr Music

Any chance of posting the oft sought but never found Banana Song by Jeff Duff. I have a memory of this song only from Countdown (don't snigger). Jeff was on Sydney radio one day talking about a project and I rang and asked them to ask him about the Banana Song and he seemed reluctant to recount its existence. Sadly the radio didn't play it either.

Many thanks in fruity expectations.


Garry said...

Hi Big Trev,
I don't have a copy of the "Banana song" but if you go to Aztec Music site they have re-issued the two Kush albums and it's one of the bonus tracks.Thanks for looking :)