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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Post 20 - Jim Keays - Psychotic Reaction - Bates Motel

After working as a club D.J, Jim Keays flew to the U.K. In 1987 he signed with Virgin Records to record a reworked version of The Masters Apprentices “Undecided” ( VOZ 017). Sweet guitarist Andy Scott played on this track and Craig Leon produced it. Leon also produced records for The Bangles & The Ramones. The sessions resulted in another single, here for you to download, a cover of The Count Five’s “Psychotic Reaction b/w “Bates Motel” (VOZ 021). The single recorded for Virgin Records was produced by Craig Leon in 1987.


Micko said...

Thanks again Ozzie. I'd almost forgotten about this version so looking forward to hearing it again.

I don't suppose you have the 1975 Jim Keays/Southern Cross version would you. Been looking for that for a long while. Extra kudos if you have it's follow up "Queen of Rock 'n' Roll" :-)

Good luck with this site mate. Between you & Tom Mix a lot of long forgotten Aussie classics (& not so classic LOL) songs are finally getting a hearing that they probably wouldn't get on CD. You're doing a great job

Guy said...

Thanks heaps for these Ozzie - more for my Masters Apprentice / Jim Keays collection. I've also given your site a plug on the Midoztouch forum site - so hopefully your visitor count and thank you's will increase quickly. Keep 'em comin' buddy. Cheers

Guy said...


Bates Motel download mp3 is the same music as Psychotic Reaction. Not sure which one is stuffed up, but they are both identical tracks - with different titles?
When ya get a chance, could you please repost the correct one with a note saying which one has been fixed. Thanks mate.


Hi Guy,
I just checked those two tracks directly from megaupload. Bates Motel is an instrumental version of Psychotic Reaction although they are the same exact length. For some reason Jim totally changed the name for the instrumental version. Listen a bit further into the song and you should see the difference. If by chance you don't and I've missed something please let me know and I'll look a bit harder. Cheers :-)

Guy said...

Hi Ozzie

Sorry Mate - you are right, Bates Motel is an instrumental version of the A-Side Psychotic Reaction - I jumped the gun I'm afraid. (Bit of a take though!) I'm also thinking both tracks are based on that famous movie Psycho, where the crazy guy's name was Bates.

Anyhow, thanks for the heads up buddy

BigGray said...

Thanks from me also Ozzie. Used to have this version of Undecided - great to hear it again.

max said...

Hello Oz
I was wondering if you could re-activate Post 20 Please
regards Mac (MusicVegie)

Ozzie Music Man said...

Hi Max, just tried the link working fine here, give it another go see how you go :)

max said...

thanks oz