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Monday, 5 January 2009

Post 33 - Norman Gunston - Join The Dots (Mini LP)

Gunston was originally conceived by comedy writer Wendy Skelcher and first appeared as a minor character in the second series of the cult Australian TV comedy series of “The Aunty Jack Show”. His single record releases sold sufficiently well enough to enter the Australian top 40 charts. Parody tributes included punk rock Sherbet, Abba & Kiss to name a few. In 1978, Gunston released another covers album titled “Nylon Degrees”. His next album was released in 1984 with the title of “Join The Dots”, which included out-takes and previously unreleased rare recordings. Here for you to download is that mini 1984 LP “Join The Dots”(PLAZ-1204).


Mark said...

You are a legend.Been chasing this classic by Norman for years in 2nd hand shops after losing my copy I had.Thanks for posting it.Found your blog via link at Tom Mix Blog

BigGray said...

Thanks - I also owned this once but it disappeared. so good to have it again.