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Monday, 26 January 2009

Post 62 - Pat Wilson – Strong Love (Mini LP)

Bop Girl was a #2 hit in 1983, and by all accounts ruled the airways for most of the year. The song even generated enough interest to score an American and European release. Pat released another couple of singles from a five track LP called “Strong Love” for WEA Records. "Bop Girl" has become a favourite on music video channels due to the appearance of a young 15 year old Nicole Kidman in the video clip, while "Strong Love" was chosen to be part of the Countdown revival album. “Bop Girl”, “Strong Love” and “Bop Girl Goes Surfin” were all written by then husband Ross Wilson. The last track, ‘Killer Bees” was written by Ross Wilson, James Black and J.J.Hackett. Pat was backed on the album by Ross Wilson with son Daniel included. Here for you to download is the 1984 mini LP “Strong Love” (250694-1).

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~~ Trashed By Time ~~ said...

Just gotta love how on Foxtel, when they play Bop Girl, they credit it as "Bop Girl / Pat Wilson, featuring Nicole Kidman". I guess fame means everything. I can laugh... Nicole was a friend of a friend at a theatre group in Melbourne in the 70's... I can honestly say... "wow, I went out to dinner with Nicole Kidman"... cute girl in those days too...