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Monday, 19 January 2009

Post 58 - Austen Tayshus – Highway Corroboree / The Rolling Stones Reunion

From the 1989 L.P. “WHISPERING JOKE” comes Austen’s 7th single release for you to download “Highway Corroboree” b/w "The Rolling Stones Reunion" (EMI 2045). It features Ernie Dingo on didgeridoo, Hine Kine on clop sticks & backing vocals and Paul Burton on bass. The song was penned by Austen, Michelle Bleicher and Trevor Farrant. It was recorded at the Harald Park Hotel in 1988. This is not one of his best singles but interesting to say the least, and the B side… well that’s another story and another post (mmmmmmm we’ll see!!).

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