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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Post 41 - Alison MacCallum & Celebration – You Can’t Have Sunshine

MacCallum began her career in the late 60’s with Sydney based bands like Big Apple Union, Dr. Kandy’s, Third Eye and Chorus, before joining Freshwater at the end of 1970. She recorded one pop single with Freshwater called “I Ain’t Got The Time” 1971. MacCallum left Freshwater at the end of the year to sing with Ray Brown’s One Tone Gypsy for one month before going solo. Her first single for RCA was a Vanda and Young’s composition “Superman” that reached #12 on the national charts in 1972. In 1974 MacCallum signed to Albert Productions. At the start of 1975 she had her second hit single “Excuse Me”. She recorded two more singles for Albert’s plus the album “Excuse Me”. Here out of 1972 for you to download is a single that she did with Celebration, “You Can’t Have Sunshine” (WBA-4006).


Micko said...

Ozzzie maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate

Where did this come from & why have I never seen it in any of Alison's discographies. This girl is hands down, the best female rock vocalist we've ever produced in this country. Shame Alberts Records sent her down the MOR after Excuse Me coz her RCA recordings always got it right.

And with those joyous howling, shrieking, wailing tonsils of hers, there's no doubting this is Alison in full throttle. She certainly would give Joplin, Tina & Aretha a run for their money with THAT voice. Thanks so much for this one mate. Now how about the other side please? -) And here I was thinking I had all of Alison's recordings. Ozzie you've made my night. No, make that year :-)


Ok Micko will post the B side asap and your right about the disograpy on this song only came up in one of my books (Who's Who Of Australian Rock - 5th Edition)and can't find anything on the band Celebration, bit of a mystery :)